Put simply, I love PR and the business of PR.

As a consultant my strengths lie in listening, understanding and creative problem solving. My approach is collaborative and results focused. I believe half the challenge is in identifying the issue and defining success. From there it’s a small step to devising a clear and effective strategy, and then getting the job done. 

I know how agencies work and I enjoy working with the behind-the-scenes structures and processes that help keep consultancies on track and in profit. I have often taken on troubleshooting challenges as I have a passion for fine tuning best practice, improving profitability and strengthening staff and client retention.

I set up as an independent consultant in 2007 after 12 years in PR agencies, working my way up from account team administration to company leadership. My last agency position was General Manager Operations at Text 100 London, a chief-operating-officer role. Some fast facts about that last role:

  • Client retention rate 75%
  • New business win rate between 75 - 100%
  • CMS pass rates between 94 - 97%
  • Over-service reduction from 300% to 20% on flagship client
  • Over-service reduction company-wide by 10%