Strategic counsel: media training

I have delivered a range of different styles of media training, in Singapore and in the UK, each session tailored to suit the needs of a particular client.

Some examples of media training workshop formats

  • For Novell UK, I facilitated a media training session for three UK spokespeople. I covered the corporate communications guidelines and specific information relating to their PR campaign. An overview to working with the media, including what to expect from a media interview and an insight into the world of a journalist was delivered by a prominent journalist for the Financial Times.

  • For Lenovo UK, I facilitated a media training session for six UK spokespeople. The session was hosted by a senior corporate communications executive from Lenovo, an influential journalist writing for the Wall Street Journal was enlisted to talk about working with the media, tips and tricks. I presented on the media landscape in the UK. 

  • For Gartner Singapore I delivered a foundation workshop in media training for its new analysts, covering the media landscape, journalists’ agenda and interview management.
For Sapient UK I worked one-on-one with the company lead to introduce him to working with the media, including landscape, media agenda and interview management skills.