Media relations

Media relations has been at the centre of my client consultancy for 13 years. As a consultant rises through the agency management hierarchy they tend to do less and less media work. One of the fantastic things about becoming an independent consultant has been the opportunity to get back to the coal face. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of getting your client’s name in print.

My experience ranges from high volume reactive press office to senior executive profiling from hard-working proactive pitching to crisis communications, one-on-one media briefings to international press trips.

My past and present clients represent almost an A – Z of the technology and mobile industries.

Here’s a few:
BEA, Brio, BT Europe, BT Telecom Red, Enron Broadband Services, Franklin Rex, Gartner, Gateway, Handspring, IBM, ICL, Lante, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nedstat, Novell, Nuance, O2, Optevia, Pelikon, Priceline, Qpass, Runtime Collective, SAP, Sapient, Siebel, Software AG, Spin3, Stonesoft, TCS, TetraPak, The Usability Company, USWeb, Virgin Mobile.